Saluting “Moms”

Growing up in the agricultural industry means being part of a special kind of community.

I was three months old when I attended my first cattle show, advice the World Limousin Congress at Calgary Stampede. Certainly, buy things were a little different back then, but taking a baby to reside in the cattle barns, at the Calgary Stampede, would still strike fear into the hearts of most moms. Not mine. How could that be, you may wonder? Because EVERY mom, every woman actually, became my “surrogate mom” when we arrived.

All those extra caregivers were there for every single kid as we grew up “at the shows.” They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we dang sure had one.

Having the opportunity to be raised a farm kid is fortunate, indeed. Being raised a stock show kid, well, that’s a special blessing.

Thank you to every mom who made us their own.


bella spur mothers day salute


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